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I’ve been taking photographs since I was a little girl. However, I didn’t start calling myself a photographer until I was in my twenties. Prior to that, I assumed that I had to have a degree in the arts to call myself a photographer. I made the same assumption about writing too. Luckily, I realized that isn’t true. To understand a subject, you don’t need a formal degree. But you do need determination, grit, and the willingness to keep learning throughout your life.

Below are my latest Instagram photographs. I love taking photos with my iPhone 6s Plus and sharing the images on Instagram. I use the app has my visual dairy, and I update it daily. I hope you’ll follow my photo adventures!

Please Note: All of my photographs are licensed under Creative Commons. Briefly that means I let others copy, distribute and/or display my copyrighted photos. If you use my photographs on a blog, website, in a magazine, or newspaper, please credit me—Tammy Strobel—with a hyperlink back to rowdykittens.com. You may not use my photographs for commercial purposes.

Be well,