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On Weddings & Writing

Photography by Tammy Strobel

Logan’s cousin Jenny got married on the family ranch last weekend. The ceremony and reception were beautiful! I didn’t take very many photos at the wedding. Instead, I enjoyed good conversations, food, and a few glasses of wine with friends and family. I took a few snapshots at the wedding and included them in the gallery below. I hope the images give you a sense of the scene. Sarah Gross was the official wedding photographer, and I can’t wait to see her images. She’s got a great eye.

Attending Jenny’s wedding brought back a lot of good memories. Just over 13 years ago, Logan and I got married on the Smith family ranch. It was over 100 degrees on our wedding day! My maid of honor, Sera, noted on Facebook, “Weddings on the ranch bring back happy memories of your big day…I can still picture you with the fan blowing up your dress to keep you cool.”

The pre-wedding cool down tactics weren’t glamorous, but I laughed so hard! Also, most family members have a lovely glow in our wedding photos because of the hot weather. Despite the heat, it was a fun day. Dancing with my dad, Logan, friends, and family at our reception was a blast.

In other news, I spent Monday organizing my summer work schedule. I’ll be teaching my online journaling course—Write to Flourish—in August. I hope you’ll join me for the upcoming session. The course begins on Monday, August 15.

If you’ve taken my journaling class previously and want to take it again, please email me at [email protected] Alumni are welcome to re-take the course for free.

Cheers to a fun and productive workweek!

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