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Our Tiny House

Photography by Tammy Strobel

In 2007, my husband Logan and I fell in love with micro-homes and began saving for a tiny house on wheels. In 2010, we hired Portland Alternative Dwellings to build and design our tiny house and we moved into the space on October 23, 2011. As of October 2015, we decided to turn our tiny house into a vacation cabin. Currently, we’re living in a 400-square-foot apartment.

After my dad’s illness and death in 2012, I realized that living small and simply isn’t about the size of my house or whether I can tow it down the highway. It’s about making mindful choices that give me freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

Regardless of how my life will change in the future, I will continue to experiment with simplicity. I’ve learned that there are many ways to live simply and happily, even without a tiny house on wheels.

If you want to learn about our tiny house:

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