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My name is Tammy Strobel and I’m a writer, photographer, and teacher. I started blogging in late 2007 to become a better writer and to sharemy story. Blogging consistently improved my writing and it resulted in a book deal!

My first print bookYou Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap): How One Woman Radically Simplified Her Life and How You Can Too, was released in September 2012. My firstphotography bookMy Morning View: An iPhone Photography Project about Gratitude, Grief & Good Coffee, hit the shelves in March 2014.

About this site . . .

RowdyKittens is about going small, thinking big, and being happy. I post a few articles a week on topics like living simply, photography, and writing.

There is no one-size fits all approach to living simply or to happiness, which is why I write from my experience and emphasize options. After spending five years working with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, I learned how important it is to talk about options, rather than telling people what to do or what to think.

As a peer counselor, the empowerment model was the foundation of my training. The approach emphasizes peer support and helps victims of violence focus on problem-solving, one small step at a time. I believe this model can be applied to any type of struggle and it informs my writing. By examining options, it is possible to empower yourself and to find happiness.

My Resume: the short version . . .

I have a Bachelors of Arts in Economics, a Masters degree in Public Administration, and a Masters of Arts in Education. All of my degrees emphasized formal and technical writing.

Before I started my micro-business in 2010, I worked in the investment management industry and in the social service sector as a peer counselor. I worked directly with clients and wrote articles, formal reports, policy papers, website copy, and more.

As an entrepreneur, I sustain myself through writingphotography and teaching. And, I’ve discovered that teaching is the best part of my job! Currently, I offer a  few online courses:

Over the last two years, hundreds of students have taken my e-courses to explore photography, writing, and what it means to make time and space for what matters. I’m incredibly grateful, and honored, to do this work.


All of my photographs are licensed under Creative Commons. Briefly that means I let others copy, distribute and/or display my copyrighted photos, but only if you give me credit. You may not use my photographs for commercial purposes.

When you use my photographs please credit me, Tammy Strobel, with a hyperlink back to this site.

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I’m a member of select affiliate programs, which means I receive a commission when you purchase a good or service through RowdyKittens.com. I only endorse products that I have used and love.

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