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Welcome to RowdyKittens! My name is Tammy Strobel and I’m a full-time writer, coffee addict and tiny house enthusiast.

I started blogging in late 2007 to improve my writing and to share my story. I post a few articles a week on topics that cover tiny homes, simple living, entrepreneurship, and more.

I write from my experience and offer options to ponder.  After spending 10 years working with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, I learned how important it is to talk about options, rather than telling people what to do, what to think, or judging them for who they are.

As a peer counselor, the empowerment model was the foundation of my training. The approach emphasized survivor empowerment, peer support, and helped women, men, and children learn to focus on problem-solving, one small step at a time.

I think this model can be applied to any type of struggle and it informs my writing. By examining options, it is possible to empower yourself and live a happy and healthy life.

Commenting Policy

Currently, there are no comments on this site. Instead, I’ve shifted the discussion to Google+.

Why move the discussion? Putting your creative work on display is never easy, especially knowing that you’ll have to deal with critics. Don’t get me wrong, criticism is a good thing, especially when it’s helpful.

However, in the online space there can be a sense of anonymity that gives people the freedom to be downright mean and that’s why I’ve shifted comments to Google+.  In my experience, when someone’s identity is linked with a profile they are more likely to engage in constructive dialogue.

Google+ reminds me of a big coffee shop, where a lot of interesting people hang out, share information and discuss fun stuff. This discussion on publishing daily is a great example.

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If Google+ isn’t your thing, please get in touch with me via email. My email address is tammy (at) rowdykittens (.com).

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