Do you want to journal daily?

Do you want enrich your creativity and curiosity?

Do you want to share your writing online?


If one or more of the questions above resonates with you, you’re in the right place. Writing is a powerful way to unlock your truth and to record stories. I encourage loved ones and blog readers to begin a daily journaling practice because it offers gifts that are unique to each person.

During my tween and teen years, my journaling practice wasn’t consistent. However, journaling got me into the habit of writing down stories, ideas, and lists. It wasn’t until my 20s that I developed a daily journaling practice. Now, I’m in my late-30s, and my journals (and pens) are never far from my side.

Journaling has given me many gifts, like:

  • the ability to sort through complex emotions
  • self-confidence
  • a safe writing space
  • the ability to capture ideas on the go
  • a simple gratitude practice
  • the courage to share my story online and in books
  • and so much more

All of those things happened because I developed a consistent journaling practice. If this sounds appealing to you, I invite you to join the upcoming Write to Flourish session.

Course outline:

1. How to Make Journaling Part of Your Daily Routine

2. Different Types of Journaling: 5 Ways to Get Your Words onto the Page

3. How to Write Without Feeling Self-Conscious

4. What Fuels Your Journaling Practice?

5. How to Get Past the Fear of a Loved One Reading Your Journal

6. Keeping and Reading Past Journals

7. Private vs. Public Content

8. How to Use Private Journaling to Support Public Writing

9. The Long-Haul: 3 Tips to Cultivate a Lifetime Journaling Practice

Is Write to Flourish for you?

Yes if …

  • You’re excited about cultivating a daily journaling practice.
  • You want to connect, learn, and grow with a small group of fellow writers.
  • You want to work with me.
  • Cultivating gratitude, joy, and connection in your daily life are important to you.

Am I right for you?

If you’ve struggled to develop a consistent journaling practice, you aren’t alone. It took me a decade to cultivate my journaling routine. Simplifying my life gave me the time and space to make my writing practice a priority, and after being diagnosed with arthritis and degenerative disc disease in January 2016, my journaling practice is more important than ever.

One of the lessons that continue to resurface in my life is this: Taking care of my body and mind is essential to my health. Journaling each day—even if it’s only for five-minutes—is an internal part of my self-care routine. I can help you do this, too.

I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and helped them develop a consistent journaling practice. Here’s feedback from a few of my students:

“Even though I wasn’t new to journaling, I found that lately, my enthusiasm was flagging. In this course, I found new inspiration for my journaling practice. Tammy reminded me of its importance in my life. With Tammy’s encouragement, I journal every day. I tried art journaling for the first time, too. Also, I found the support and encouragement of other students through the Facebook group invaluable. —Michelle W.

“Tammy Strobel’s journaling course Write to Flourish provides a gentle and profound boost to any journal writer. Speaking from a deep experience and presented in her friendly, get-to-know-me style, Tammy offers stories, suggestions, and action steps for everyone from neophyte journaling students to experienced journalers needing a boost in motivation. I’m delighted with the course. Write on!” —Michael H.

“I’ve always journaled on and off, mostly on, but this course has opened up many new avenues of thought and roads to creativity-I loved it. I hope some of the connections I made will continue to grow!” —Anne G.

Next class: TBA

If you have additional questions, send me a note at I’m here to help!