Tiny Letter

My newsletter is on hiatus until January. Enjoy the rest of 2018!

Kind Words

“For very intentional reasons, I deleted my Facebook page last year and unsubscribed from most email lists. This felt like yet another way to make my life and my head less noisy and more purposeful. The only email lists that I chose to continue to be on is Tammy's, the Writer's Almanac, American Poetry Review, and Poem a Day. Tammy's essays, links, photos, and thoughts are consistently thoughtful, inspiring, and resonant. I always find much to appreciate in them.” —Amy

"I enjoy Tammy’s blog, writings, reflections and photography because there is a vulnerability, a genuine quality and a reaching for joy. She writes about simple things, with gratitude; nothing is rushed or forced. Her choice of books and websites always sends me down a path of exploration that is unexpected, and I come back wiser and happier from my adventures. I took a writing class from her and benefitted greatly from it. Tammy is truly a gem. Thank you for putting yourself out there for all of us!” —Jennie

“The evolution of Tammy's journey is inspiring and real, and I feel privileged to be on it, in my own tiny way. In addition to her lovely blog, books and photos, she sends a weekly roundup of her favorite discoveries. I so look forward to this! I've discovered so much about myself, and other wonderful people, through all of Tammy's work, and am very grateful for what she does.” —Whitney