I’m Tammy Strobel. I'm an author and photographer.

I capture everyday adventures through photos and words because life is short, and if we’re too busy rushing from task to task, we’ll miss the tiny beautiful moments that make up our days.

What you’ll find here: short and long essays, links I love, photo essays, and more. In short, my blog is a reflection of my daily adventures and interests.

You can also find my writing and photography here:

  • Everyday Adventures in Siskiyou — I work for Discover Siskiyou as a blogger; it's where you'll find my Siskiyou themed adventure stories and photos.

  • Tammy’s Tiny Letter — I share new writing, photography, and interesting links with email subscribers because I enjoy making my newsletter, and sharing resources with readers.

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If you have questions or want to say hello, send an email to tammy@rowdykittens.com.

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