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My Adventure List & Travel Tips

My Adventure List & Travel Tips

If you look closely at the image above, you'll see two humans standing on Castle Lake. Last weekend, it was coated in a thick layer of ice, and these two walked on the lake like they owned it. I'm not that brave!

Also, I shared my springtime adventure list and travel tips on the Everyday Adventures in Siskiyou blog!

Below are a few travel tips I shared in the essay:

Put it on the calendar: Every year, I set goals on my birthday, and this year, I’m being intentional about scheduling my time. I’m doing my best to calendar all my adventures because if they aren’t scheduled, they probably won’t happen. I’d encourage you to calendar future trips, too.

Budget it: Once you’ve decided on a date, start saving for your trip. For example, when I budget for trips, I include the following categories on my spreadsheet:

— trip length

— lodging

— food

— gas

— activities

Also, be sure to factor in how many people will be traveling with you. The cost will be different for a solo trip versus having the whole family tag along.

Book Lodging: Once you’ve set aside the time and money, decide where to stay in Siskiyou and book a room.

Themed Trips: Usually my trips revolve around a theme (see my list) like birding, mountain biking, or hiking. A theme helps me plan trips and narrow down the list of things to see in Siskiyou.

However, planning a trip hour by hour doesn’t leave room for wandering or changing plans at the last minute. For example, last year my mom and I stumbled upon The Dough Hook in Dunsmuir, CA, and devoured delightful cinnamon rolls! We also changed our trip itinerary too. Rather than mountain biking, we spent an afternoon at Stewart Springs.

Consider picking a theme for your trip, and remember to be flexible and have fun!

Read the full post here.

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PS: I work for Discover Siskiyou as a paid blogger. I love my job, and I like sharing my travel writing on RowdyKittens.com. My welcome essay is a great way to orient yourself to the Everyday Adventures in Siskiyou blog.

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