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My Favorite Creative Tools (The 2018 Edition)

My Favorite Creative Tools (The 2018 Edition)

Below you'll find a list of my favorite pens, journals, writing apps, software, and more. I hope you find the roundup helpful!


1. In 2016, I bought a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, and I use the pen daily. Also, the Lamy Pen has interchangeable nibs. It's a great feature because I can still use the pen if I break a nib.

2. I discovered the Pilot Precise V5 pens in June, and I enjoy writing and doodling with them. I took the pens to Paris, and they didn't explode or leak on the airplane. #smallvictories


3. The Hobonichi Techo Weeks Planner is minimalist and beautiful. It has a week per page format and plenty of graph paper in the back for notes. I’m using the planner to schedule appointments, as a bullet journal, and for notes on the go.

4. I bought a large APICA notebook in Paris, and I use it for brainstorming work projects and morning pages.

5. Also, I’ve been doing something different this year. I’m keeping a logbook of my days in a small pink Moleskine planner.

Writing Apps/Software

6. Evernote is a multifaceted app that I use for shitty first drafts and web clippings.

7. Grammarly is my favorite electronic writing assistant.

8. Other helpful writing tools: BearScrivener and Microsoft Word.

Photography Apps/Software

9. When I edit photos on my iPhone, I use Snapseed or VSCO. I’ve been using both apps for years, and I love them! Recently, I’ve been experimenting with HUJI Cam.

10. For photo editing on my MacBook Pro, I use Luminar and Lightroom. I like Luminar but the software doesn't include a library feature, and that’s where Lightroom comes in handy.

Internet Blocking/Tracking Apps

11. Moment is an iOS app that tracks the time a person spends using their device daily, and it’s helped me reduce the amount of time I spend on my smartphone.

12. Freedom is a tool that blocks websites, apps, or the entire Internet from my phone and laptop for a set period.

13. Forest is similar to Freedom, and they also have an extension for Chrome.


14. It would be challenging, but not impossible, to share my work online without my MacBook Pro or iPhone 7Plus. Computers and smartphones are amazing tools!


I'm sure my list of favorite creative tools will change in the future, and that's okay. I enjoy experimenting with different pens, journals, writing apps/software, and more. As Austin Kleon said, "You have to find the right tools to help your voice sing."

Coffee in a Train Car

Coffee in a Train Car

Experiments with HUJI Cam

Experiments with HUJI Cam