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Weekly Links: Fires

Weekly Links: Fires

{This week: Fires, the secret history of the iPhone, social media, and more.}

Hi all,

A few readers reached out and asked if the fires in northern California and southern Oregon have impacted my family. Thank you for your concern. My loved ones are safe. However, some of my mom's friends have been evacuated from their homes in Redding, CA. If you live in affected areas, stay safe and hydrated. 

More here:

Southern Oregon fires: Air quality worst in United States, but area avoids new lightning fires.

Deadly fire rages into Redding, destroys homes.

With that, here’s a list of what I enjoyed reading this week:

+ Fascinating: The One Device: The secret history of the iPhone.

+ Heartbreaking prose: Last drive with mom.

+ Inspiring: The value of living through (and not sharing) the mess.

+ Truth: Dani Shapiro on the hard art of balancing writing and social media.

+ Helpful: You don’t have to live in public.

PS: I leave Paris next week! I’m still reflecting on my learnings, and I’ll share more soon.

Taking a Break

Taking a Break

A Photo Essay: Pink in Paris

A Photo Essay: Pink in Paris