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Taking a Break

Taking a Break

Initially, I was going to blog daily during my time in Paris. However, the City of Light had other plans for me; between classes, writing, the heat, navigating Paris, and spending time with new friends, I realized that I was unable to do all the things during my trip.

I also decided to build in a buffer for my return to the states. I won't be posting to the blog—or sending my newsletter—until mid to late August. When I get home, I'll be acclimating to the new time zone, and then we move to Chico, CA.

If my flights are on time, I’ll be at home with The Husband and my sweet cats later this week. It’s been an inspiring adventure, and I’m ready to go home.

And speaking of home, I can’t stop thinking about the Carr Fire; it's burned over 100,000 acres in the Redding, CA area. Redding is a neighboring community, and I’ve spent many hot days swimming at Whiskeytown Lake. Seeing photos of the fire makes me teary.

Since I can’t fight fires, I donated money to the Shasta Regional Community Foundation. The organization is collecting donations for the relief effort, and I hope you’ll consider giving a few dollars that will go toward short and long-term aid.


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And last but not least, I've been color tracking white tones in Paris, and here's what I found ...

Weekly Links: Fires

Weekly Links: Fires