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The Power of Blogging

The Power of Blogging

For the last month, I’ve been writing about why blogging matters because I’m working on an essay for a magazine about the topic. I’m almost done with the article, so Seth Godin’s latest podcast—Blogs and Platforms and Permission—was a timely listen.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the segment:

“I’m encouraging each one of you to have a blog. Not to have a blog to make money, because you probably won’t. Not to have a blog because you'll have millions and millions of readers, because you probably won't. But to have a blog because of the discipline it gives you, to know that you're going to write something tomorrow. Something that might not be read by many people—it doesn't matter—it will be read by you. If you can build that up, you will begin to think more clearly. You will make predictions. You will make assertions. You will make connections. And there they will be, in type, for you to look at a month or a year later. This practice of sharing your ideas with people who will then choose or not choose to share them helps us get out of our own head because it's no longer the narrative inside. It's the narrative outside, the narrative that you've typed up, that you’ve cared enough to share.”

Other topics covered by Godin include: 

  • Google’s algorithm and how it works

  • Searching for the specific, not the general

  • Why trusting a middleman on the Internet is a bad idea

  • Serving your customers, not an algorithm

  • Digital sharecropping

  • Earning permission

  • The power of creating, engaging, and sharing on a personal blog

Take the time and listen to Blogs and Platforms and Permission. I hope the segment inspires you to start a blog or revive your blogging practice!  

The New Paris

The New Paris

How to Make Journaling Part of Your Daily Routine

How to Make Journaling Part of Your Daily Routine