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{This week: ZigZag, Google Translate, web browsers, and more.}

Hi all,

Here’s a list of my favorite links, listens, and good reads from the past week:

1. So good: "ZigZag is a podcast about changing the course of capitalism, journalism, and women’s lives. For real."

2. I’ll be using this feature in Paris: Google Translate's Offline Mode Just Got a Lot Better.

3. The title of this piece says it all: Bye, Chrome: Why I’m switching to Firefox and you should too.

4. The Calmest iPhone Yet.

5. A great counter-argument to Apple’s new iPhone tweeks: Digital Wellness for Grown Ups.

6. Inspiring and helpful (especially the second portion of the podcast; it’s about diet culture): Lu Uhrich on marriage, body autonomy, and the dangers of pseudo-diets.

7. Cait Flanders on mindful consumerism and her year of less.

Thanks for reading!

The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins

“Change your clothes, not your body."

“Change your clothes, not your body."