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Roads Not Taken

Roads Not Taken

{This week: Roads not taken, Cairo, online data, OmmBits, and more.}

Hi all,

Bonjour from Paris! Once I get settled in, I’ll share photos and short essays on the blog. With that, here’s a list of good reads and listens from the past week:

1. Roads Not Taken. A smart essay on travel writing: "What can you know—and feel—about a place when you don't meet the people who live in it? We learn through human contact, and the knowledge that we gain is of infinitely greater value than any number of practical tips. Similarly, it is through human contact that we open our hearts. Enlightenment and love—there are no more compelling reasons to travel, or write about it."

2. Blot Out. A powerful essay about being a woman in Cairo: "But the Western objection to the niqab presumes that being seen is a freedom women desire. After walking alone as a blonde, non-virginal, youngish woman in the streets of Africa’s most densely populated city, where almost everyone is a boy or a man, and looking, visibility is the last thing I desire. The niqab begins to tempt me like a secret passageway—a way to be outside without actually being seen. At the end of a month in Cairo, nothing sounds more liberating than erasing myself from this place."

3. Your Online Data Is In Peril. The Blockchain Could Save It. I'm interested in blockchain technology, and this article is a great introduction to the topic: "In the end, blockchain technology may not be the savior of our online lives. Nonetheless, more conversations about how we might radically use technology to rebuild trust between citizens, companies, and institutions need to be had. If consumers think big change is possible and have the chance to better understand the mechanics behind that change, more of them will support worthy experimental endeavors."

4. OmmBits: "an instant teleport to a short writing experience."

5. Charlotte Austin on mountaineering, honesty, and living an adventurous life.

6. Manhood, Now. "You kind of learn what you're supposed to do. But nobody tells you anything.”

7. My Grandfather’s Memory Book.

8. Try these two smart techniques to help you master your emotions.

9. How to use offline notebooks in Evernote.

Thanks for reading!

A Postcard from Paris

A Postcard from Paris

Photo Dispatches from Astoria, OR

Photo Dispatches from Astoria, OR