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The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins

Long: how I’d describe yesterday’s drive from Yreka, CA to Longview, WA.

Hours in the car: 7

Miles driven: 371

Driving partner: Mama Cat

Music: Hits1 on SiriusXM Radio.

Scenery: green grass, mountain ranges, shopping centers, suburban homes, tall buildings, and all the cars.

Weather: Sunny, grey and cloudy, sunny, then light rain and wind.

Snacks consumed: Quest Vanilla Caramel Hero Bars, coffee cake, two hard boiled eggs, bananas, peach yogurt, coffee, more coffee, water, and something called “Vitamin Water” (it’s more like sugar in a bottle).

Rest stops: Too many to count (I blame the sugar water).

Small victories: I didn’t scream from fright when my mom drove (love you mom), and the drive was uneventful until we hit Portland, OR traffic at 12.48pm near Taylors Fy. Rd. Thankfully we were only delayed for 45 minutes, not hours.

Road side treats: $6 for fresh cherries and raspberries. 

Best moment: Arriving at our friend’s beautiful home and eating a lovely salmon dinner with potatoes and cucumber salad. Can you tell that I like to eat?

Days Until Paris: 4


This post was inspired by Colleen Kinder’s essay, Letters Home.

Photo Dispatches from Longview, WA

Photo Dispatches from Longview, WA