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Why We Need No Filter

Why We Need No Filter

{This week: No filter, Brotopia, risk, friendship, and more.}

Hi all,

Here's a list of good listens and reads from the past week:

1. No Filter: Women Owning It Online — I started listening to this series yesterday, and I'm obsessed with the stories!

2. Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley by Emily Chang is an important read.

3. The Greatest Risk Is Not Taking One — a fascinating interview with Paula Scher. 

4. Study reveals number of hours it takes to make a friend.

5. “The most valuable thing you have is your attention. It’s also the most valuable condition for survival of the non-digital world.” –Via Lynda Barry.

6. What It’s Like to Shop After Not Shopping for Two Years — so good!

7. Even if you don’t feel ready. — If you need a push to share your creative work, this post is for you. 

8. Accepting My Body As It Is — I'm taking more and more time to appreciate the awesome things my body is capable of doing. Leah V offers excellent reminders in this essay. 

9. Flow Magazine — I love Issue 22!

Thanks for reading!

Something New: A Weekly Morning View Photo Round-up

Something New: A Weekly Morning View Photo Round-up

On Scheduling Rest

On Scheduling Rest