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Tips for Working from Home

Tips for Working from Home

Yesterday, Logan and I went on a few adventures. We had a lovely breakfast with my in-laws, visited Logan’s Grandmother, and our final stop was Barnes and Noble in Medford, OR. There’s nothing better than browsing stacks of paperback books and leafing through dozens of magazines. I'm a sucker for analog tools, and while I was at Barnes and Noble, I bought a book and Flow Magazine.

This morning, I slept until 7 am because I have a cold. When I rolled out of bed, I started my day with a big cup of black tea while reading Flow Magazine. The first article I read was "Home Work" by Jeannette Jonker. It’s about the benefits and pitfalls of working from home. Jonker’s piece offered excellent reminders because I'm working on cultivating better work boundaries.

Here are some of my favorite tips via Jonker:

1. Be a model citizen: Don’t send emails at crazy times (in the evenings or on weekends), but wait until Monday or the following morning.
2. Create opportunities and make time to meet and chat with colleagues.
3. Take breaks and step away from your work area every now and then.
4. Create a structure around your tasks. Have you finished the three most important things? Then start on the next three.

Aren’t those fantastic ideas? I need to work on number two and four! 

Cheers to a productive and restful week!

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PS: In case you missed it, I shared today’s Morning View here.

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