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The Fur Babies

The Fur Babies

In case you missed it: today’s morning view features my favorite pillow trotter.


A few readers asked me to share an update on Christie and Elaina’s health, so here you go! 

Christie has been under the weather for the last month. On average, I’ve been in the vet’s office once a week with Christie for her various ailments. To get a proper diagnosis, our local veterinarian recommended that we get an ultrasound of Christie's kidneys because she had blood in her urine after we treated her for a urinary tract infection. Our vet referred her to the Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center in Medford, OR, and last week we took a field trip to the center. Christie was not amused by the long car ride.

The good news—Christie didn’t meow for the full trip, and the center had a coffee bar, beautiful art in their waiting room, and free wifi!  Thankfully, Christie tested negative for everything we were worried about—cancer, a kidney infection, and kidney stones. She does have chronic inflammation in her kidneys; which is consistent with chronic kidney disease. Also, the ultrasound revealed that she has a thickened small intestinal wall, which could explain why she's been vomiting often.

Sadly, the treatment options for her thickened small intestinal wall could harm her kidneys. At this point, we're doing our best to keep Christie comfortable. Per our vet's recommendation, we're keeping her on the same diet and monitoring her health. At this point, there aren't other alternatives. Over the past week, Christie's been eating more (and keeping food down). 

Elaina has been sleeping more than normal. I'm worried about her, but other than sleeping a lot she's still patrolling the perimeter of our apartment, eating, drinking water, and pillow trotting at night (earplugs are essential in our house). She's up to her cat-like shenanigans, which is good! 

Thanks for all your kind comments and notes about my sweet girls. They’ve been in our lives for a long time, and I’m happy we have the resources to give them quality care as they age. 

With gratitude,


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