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Best Meal of 2018

Best Meal of 2018

I decided to participate in Susannah Conway's December Reflections 2018. I'll share some of my responses to the prompts on the blog.

Yesterday’s prompt was Best Meal of 2018 …

I’m incredibly fortunate because I’ve consumed a lot of fresh and real food during 2018, so I can’t name a “best meal." Here are a few food memories from the past year that I thought were worth sharing.

Each meal I ate during my month in Paris, France was incredible for different reasons. For example, when I think about SECCO—a local patisserie & boulangerie that was near my flat—I salivate. Their tartes and baguettes were incredible! Then there were all the picnics by the Seine with old and new friends that included fresh baguettes, cheese (ohhh the cheese!), fruit, vegetables, wine, and sweets. Finally, The Husband and I celebrated our 15th year of marriage at Le Bistrot d’Henri. It was a delicious and slow meal, and the perfect place to people-watch.

I’ve also consumed a lot of tasty food in Siskiyou. Celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday at Denny Bar Co. in Etna, CA was a blast, and I ate way too many chocolate chip cookies and berry scones at Zephyr Books & Cafe in Yreka, CA.

Finally, I celebrated my 40th birthday with a meal at Crush in Chico, CA. I loved their crisp Brussel sprouts and the gorgonzola salad was savory; the toppings included bacon, avocado, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes.

I’ve noticed the “best” meals always include people that I care about. Cheers to eating more good food in 2019! 

With gratitude,


A Color Themed Photography Project

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Biggest Challenge in 2018

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