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Best Decision of 2018

Best Decision of 2018

I decided to participate in Susannah Conway's December Reflections 2018. I'll share some of my responses to the prompts on the blog.

Today’s prompt is Best Decision in 2018:

2018 was a big year for us, so I can’t narrow this prompt down to one choice. In no particular order, my best decisions of 2018 included:

1. Attending the Creative Writing Workshop at The Paris American Academy in Paris, France,

2. Accepting a blogging gig with Discover Siskiyou,

3. Quitting social media for over five months, and then reactivating my Instagram account,

4. Moving to Chico, CA for The Husband’s new job,

5. And selling our tiny house on wheels!

Conversely, the hardest decision of 2018 was letting go of our sweet cat Elaina. Overall, it’s been a fantastic year, and we’re grateful for all the ups and downs.

With gratitude,


Biggest Challenge in 2018

Biggest Challenge in 2018

Meet Cute

Meet Cute