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Best Book of 2018

Best Book of 2018

December Reflections 2018 Day 6: Best Book of 2018

I read a lot of amazing books in 2018, so it’s too hard to say which one was the best. Plus, my reading year isn’t over yet! Check out my photo gallery below to see additional books I enjoyed reading.

The book I kept returning to this year was Thomas McNamee's, The Inner Life of Cats. It’s a beautiful book, and McNamee’s chapters on "Illness, Aging & Death" as well as "Love" comforted me after our cat—Elaina—passed away in October.

I'll leave you with a quote by McNamee:

"... We love our cats with a purity and grace not possible in our love of our spouses, our parents, or even our children. People are too complicated for love as simple as what we bear to our cats. It is not agape, phileo, caritas, amor, or eros (roughly: selfless love, brotherly love, love of humankind, romantic love, and erotic love, respectively). I believe it has never been named. The kinship between our cats and ourselves reaches deep beneath consciousness, to a place before history, perhaps even before the development of self-expressible human intellect ... It is devotional, like prayer, and like prayer it is met with silence. Our devotion is what gives cats their power."

December Siskiyou Adventures

December Siskiyou Adventures