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Adventures at Snowman’s Hill

Adventures at Snowman’s Hill

Hi all,

I shared an essay about sledding on the Everyday Adventures in Siskiyou blog. Here's an excerpt from the post:

“You’re not going to sled with the kids, are you?” I asked.

“No, I’m too old to do that sort of thing. I’m just going to the top of the hill to watch the kids zoom down,” Logan said.

“Cool. I don’t want you to hurt yourself because the snow seems firm and icy.”

While my husband, Logan, meandered to the top of Snowman’s Hill, I stopped at the halfway point. I figured it would be an excellent place to watch the kids sled. As I settled into my spot, I saw Logan and his nephew—Isaac—get on a sled together. I thought to myself: So much for not sledding Logan. I hope this goes well.

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PS: I work for Discover Siskiyou as a paid blogger. I love my job, and I also like sharing my professional work on my personal blog. My welcome essay is a great way to orient yourself to the Everyday Adventures in Siskiyou blog.

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