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Cycling Adventures in Little Shasta Valley

Cycling Adventures in Little Shasta Valley

Hi all,

Today, I have a few pieces of news share:

1. On the Everyday Adventures in Siskiyou blog, I shared a post about our cycling adventures in Little Shasta Valley. Here's a blurb from my latest essay:

“When my husband and I moved from Portland, Oregon to Siskiyou, we cycled everywhere because we didn’t own a car. We’d been car-free in Portland for years and wanted to try the car-free lifestyle in Siskiyou. Living twelve miles “outside of town” and communing via bike was more challenging than we expected, and not owning a car limited our weekend adventuring options.”

Continue reading here.

2. Early registration for A Simple Year: Twelve Months of Guided Simplicity closes soon!

For four years, I contributed to A Simple Year as an instructor. I'm not teaching a module in 2019 because I'm working on other projects. However, I wanted to share the course information with you because it's a helpful class. If you're interested in creating a simpler life, check out the course. If you sign up before November 13, 2018, the registration is discounted by $100.

Happy Sunday!


PS: I'm an affiliate for A Simple Year. If you purchase the course through my website, I will receive a small commission.

I also work for Discover Siskiyou as a paid blogger. I love my job, and I also like sharing my professional work on my personal blog. I hope you enjoy my essays and photos!

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