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Everyday Adventures in Siskiyou

Everyday Adventures in Siskiyou

Hi all,

I have exciting news to share!

For the past month, I’ve mentioned my work with Discover Siskiyou, and today I can finally share the new project with you. Our new blog—Everyday Adventures in Siskiyou—is live!

On the blog you’ll find:

  • Travel stories about my everyday adventures in Siskiyou County

  • Inspiring imagery featuring all four corners of the county

  • Tips on the best place to stay, what to do, where to eat, and more

In essence, the blog is a collection of field notes about my adventures in Siskiyou County, and I hope my words and photos will inspire you to visit Siskiyou, California’s north.

Read my introductory article here, and explore all the posts here.

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If you enjoy my writing and photography and want to support it, please share Everyday Adventures in Siskiyou with a friend!

With gratitude,


PS: I work for Discover Siskiyou as a paid blogger. I love my job, and I also like sharing my professional work on my personal blog. I hope you enjoy my essays and photos!

RIP Elaina

RIP Elaina

Fall Colors

Fall Colors