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I’m an author, photographer, and cat lover.

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Zines, Newsletters & Writing Tools

Zines, Newsletters & Writing Tools

{This week: Zines, newsletters, getting specific, and more.}

Hi all,

Here’s a list of my favorite links, listens, and good reads from the past week:

1. Fancy Zines.

2. The blissfully slow world of Internet newsletters.

3. Get specific!

4. A few weeks ago, I ordered a pink Clairefontaine Basic Clothbound Notebook from Goulet Pens. I love writing in this notebook because the paper quality is amazing, and I can use my fountain pen.

5. A must-read essay by Paul Jarvis: “You inspired me to quit my job!”

6. Buy a cat, stay up late, don’t drink: Top 10 writers’ tips on writing.

7. Why Facebook Is a Waste of Time—and Money—for Arts Nonprofits.

8. Cait is back! Here’s her latest post: I’m Still Here! What I’ve Been Doing, Consuming, and Thinking About in 2018.

9. I was so moved by The Lifeboat Station Project that I became a patron. Also, this is a must-read: Turning the Tide to Keep Art Alive.

10. If my work supports you, consider supporting my work by becoming a patron. On Sunday, I’m sending my 20th Tiny Letter to patrons. Also, my latest creative tool box is about the financial side of running RowdyKittens.com. This money essay is one of the more vulnerable articles I’ve written, and it’s also a topic I wish more online creatives would discuss.

Many thanks!

The Great Work of Your Life

The Great Work of Your Life

Become a Gratitude Machine

Become a Gratitude Machine