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On Playing Hooky

On Playing Hooky

As I write these words, I’m in Monterey, CA at Cafe Lumiere drinking a cup of coffee and eating a slice of warm apple pie because it’s Pi Day!

Logan has a work conference in Monterey, so I tagged along on the trip. It’s our first out of town adventure of 2018, and it feels good to break away from my daily routine. Mary Jo, our lovely cat sitter, is watching our girls. The cats will sleep by the heater, eat all the food, and Mary Jo will spoil them rotten.

My aims for our mini adventure include:

— Taking all the photos.

— Gathering material for blog posts.

— Seeing the sights by foot.

— CrossFitting if my legs can handle it.

— Playing hooky from work.

I was curious about the term “play hooky,” and where it originated.  According to the Urban Dictionary, the term “‘Play hooky’ is probably derived from the Dutch term hoekje (spelen) ‘hide-and-seek.’”

There’s more to life than work, and these types of trips remind me that it’s okay to play hooky, and indulge in a warm slice of apple pie; especially on Pi Day.

Monterey, CA in Photos

Monterey, CA in Photos

 A Peek Inside My 2018 Logbook

A Peek Inside My 2018 Logbook