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Paris With Me

Paris With Me

{This week: Paris With Me, A Writer’s Paris, Instagram accounts, and more.}

Hi all,

Below are fun links that inspired me this week. I hope you enjoy them, too!

1. Paris With Me is a beautiful blog!

2. Books I’m reading again: A Writer’s Paris by Eric Maisel and A Paris All Your Own edited by Eleanor Brown.

3. Inspiring Instagram accounts: Paris.With.Me | SeeMyParis | MyLittleParis | Madame_Love | gl0be_trotter| Hello_France

4. This is your brain on nature.

5. So good: I want my attention back.

6. How I got my attention back.

7. "A beautiful Instagram experience for your desktop."

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

My Favorite Cafés in Yreka, CA

My Favorite Cafés in Yreka, CA

The Best Cafés in Ashland, OR

The Best Cafés in Ashland, OR