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The Best Cafés in Ashland, OR

The Best Cafés in Ashland, OR

Ashland, Oregon is a 45-minute drive from my home in Yreka, CA, and I love visiting this cute university town. I especially adore Ashland's plentiful selection of café's because they are perfect for writing! Working from home has lots of advantages, but I can only spend so many days in my tiny home office—with cute and whiney cats—before I get cabin fever. When cabin fever strikes, I take a day trip to another community near my home and I set-up my writing station in a coffee shop.

In A Writer's Paris Eric Maisel said:

"The café is the writer's home. You can write at your desk, you can write at your cubicle at work, you can write—if you are a writer—anywhere. But café's are your heaven. For the price of a cup of coffee, you get a table upon which to write, a lively scene to watch, and a thousand years of humanist tradition ... a café is for creating. It exists for you and even because of you, as who else is free morning and afternoon to occupy its tables?"

Maisel goes on to say:

"Café's are a profound—even an essential—element of the writing life. If you have none nearby, it may be time to move."

I love working at cafés for all the reasons Maisel pointed out, and it's much cheaper than renting a traditional office space.

Below is a list of my favorite cafés in Ashland. They are sweet writing spots. Plus you'll find delicious coffee and baked goods at each location.

— CASE Coffee is across from Southern Oregon University (SOU). I love the vibe in this little cafe. Whenever I write at CASE, it’s packed with students who seem to have all the energy! Then again, they might be jacked up on caffeine. Also, CASE offers free refills on their drip coffee! I’m also a fan of their vegan donuts and homemade granola.

— MIX Bakeshop is in downtown Ashland, OR. They serve Stumptown Coffee (one of my favorites), and their pastries, ice cream, and other assorted baked goods are incredible! Yesterday, I spent a few hours at MIX with a good friend and picked up Valentine's Day sweets for my hubby. My coffee of choice at MIX is a pour over.

— NW Raw Organic Juice Bar serves juice, delicious food, and coffee. I love RAW’s cappuccino with their signature nut milk! They also have a fireplace which makes the bar cozy on cold winter days.

I'll share a post about my favorite writing haunts in Yreka, CA (my hometown) soon. In the meantime, cheers to writing and good coffee!

Thanks for reading!

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