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News: From Cats to Courses


Today, I have news to share, along with a photo roundup!

1. Last Friday, I took an unexpected trip to the vet. On Thursday, my cat Elaina wasn't eating, drinking water, or meowing at me. Plus, her tail was down. So I called our veterinarian and made an appointment to get her checked. Unfortunately, Elaina had an abscessed anal gland, and the vet did surgery immediately. Also, our vet found a large mass on Elaina's tongue, removed it, and stitched it up. The mass was sent in for a biopsy, and we'll get the results later this week. Thankfully the surgery went well!

During the cat saga on Friday, I updated my writing buddy on my daily word count, and she said, "...try and think of it as material. Store it all up for a follow-up essay on how your cats tanked your 50% savings goals. *hugs*"

That comment made laugh out loud, and I needed a good laugh on Friday! We won’t save 50% of our income this month (more like 20%) due to a large vet bill. However, the year isn't over and we're determined to save as much as possible.

2. In May, CrossFit Northern Limits (my local gym) is hosting a competition, and I signed up! If you’re a CrossFitter and live in Northern California, register for the event or come out and cheer everyone on!

3. Recently, I read a few articles about the grayscale setting on the iPhone, so I decided to experiment with the feature. It’s easy to set up! In Change Your Screen to Grayscale to Combat Phone Addiction, Melissa Kirsch explained, “To easily toggle between color and grayscale, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut > Color Filters. Now, you just press the home button three times to enable grayscale. Triple-click again to go back to color.”

4. I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos for roughly five years. However, I'm frustrated with Lightroom because it runs slow on my five-year-old laptop. However, I don't want to buy a new computer because Lightroom is slow! Also, I don't use all the features offered in Lightroom, so I started researching alternatives. I discovered a photo editor called Luminar 2018, and I love the simplicity of the program. I might ditch Lightroom and go with Luminar. I'll keep you posted!

5. And speaking of photography, I’m going to start sharing more photo essays on the blog! I hope these images inspire you to go on everyday adventures!

6. Elaina is a beautiful, loving cat, and I hate seeing her ill. She goes in for another follow-up appointment on Friday. In the meantime, I'll keep a close eye on her. Please send Elaina healing vibes.

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