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"What would this look like if it were easy?”

"What would this look like if it were easy?”

In Tribe of Mentors, Tim Ferriss wrote, "What would this look like if it were easy? is such a lovely and deceptively leveraged questioned. It’s easy to convince yourself that things need to be hard, that if you’re not redlining, you’re not trying hard enough. This leads us to look for paths of most resistance, often creating unnecessary hardship in the process.”

Ferriss also encouraged readers to frame questions, problems, and decisions within a context of ease; not strain and stress. Ferriss’s idea made me think about how I could create more ease around blogging.

So I asked myself:

What would blogging look like if it were easy?

Here’s what I came up with:

Rather than overthinking this week’s post—or trying to come up with a perfect essay—I decided to share a few updates with you!

With that, let’s get started!

1. What I’m listening to …

On the Hurry Slowly podcast, Ann Friedman said,

“If I sit back and think about, ‘What did I do today?’ I never include ‘tweeted.’ I might be like, ‘Called three members of Congress, did some research for an article, maybe read the entire A section of the newspaper.’ Those things are things I did today, but it’s pretty rare that I would think of contributing on social media as an accomplishment.”

Friedman's remark resonated with me because I feel similarly. Also, I've enjoyed my social media sabbatical. I've asked myself questions like: Does having a social media "presence" matter to my work as a writer, photographer, and teacher? Does it enhance my creative process? Or does social media foster distraction and procrastination? 

I don't have answers to these questions, and I'm sure my retorts will evolve and change as time moves forward. I’m also not sure if I want to return to social media in the new year.

If you’re distracted by the Internet (like me), try Forest. It’s a Google Chrome extension that “helps you stay focused in any scenario.”

2. My writing process …

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, I participated in The Reindeer Games! It was my first CrossFit competition, and it was a blast. I wrote a draft essay about the event, but I wasn't happy with the flow of the article. I told my accountability buddy about this problematic article, and she offered to read it! Her feedback on the piece was fantastic! In essence, I was trying to squeeze too many concepts into one essay. Now I need to decide what's next for the article. I'm going to do a few edits, and I might break the piece up into a series, or let the idea go. Accountability buddies are the best!

3. What I'm thinking about ....

Logan and I have a couple of financial aims for 2018 including saving 50% of our income and spending less money online. I'll write about this experiment in 2018! It will be challenging and fun!

Cleaning and organizing have been on my mind, too. A few years ago we upsized to a 400-square-foot apartment, and love the space! However, the extra space made us a tad lazy. We've developed a bad habit of not putting our stuff away, and when that happens, it feels like a stuff bomb exploded in our little place! It’s time to start putting things away.

4. A quote that inspired me …

What would this look like if it were easy? 

—Tim Ferriss

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Why I'm Taking a Social Media Sabbatical