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40 Things To Do Before I Turn 40

40 Things To Do Before I Turn 40

To celebrate my 39th birthday, I made a list of 40 things I want to do before I turn 40 years old on November 6. I want to end my thirties with a bang, and continue to learn, grow, and experiment along the way!

You can read my list below (it’s in no particular order). Also, I’ll blog about my adventures this year, so stay tuned for essays and photographs!

1. More adventures with Logan (local and abroad)

2. Learn French 

3. Attend the Creative Writing Workshop at The Paris Writing Academy in July 2018. Friends, this is happening! I was accepted, and I paid my tuition!

4. Connect, grow and learn about writing at the Academy

5. When in Paris, walk, walk and walk.

6. Try all the things in Paris (see the sights, eat bread, cheese, chocolate, drink coffee & more)

7. Hang out with Katie in Paris & the Alps

8. A sunset picnic in Paris (find a bench with a view)

9. Travel on a high-speed train

10. Participate in the Reindeer Games

11. Stop tracking unnecessary data

12. Go to CrossFit 4-5 days a week (continue to build strength, learn about the movements, and have fun)

13. Get a damn pull-up

14. More push-ups in a row

15. String double-unders together

16. More toes-to-bar in a row

17. Sell the tiny house

18. Go through personal belongings

19. Make time for friends who live locally (more coffee dates, dinners, hikes, etc.)

20. Visit Dee

21. Vist Priti

22. Visit Majean

23. Visit Shanna

24. Visit Courtney

25. Visit Cait

26. Visit Aubs

27. Visit friends who I forgot to include on my list

28. Do something special for my mom

29. Take photos with my Nikon D5000

30. What’s next for my daily photography series?

31. Learn about intuitive eating

32. Buy a small bookshelf

33. Take frequent social media sabbaticals (or quit social media)

34. Consolidate online communication channels

35. Be a better friend (write weekly letters, send care-packages, listen more & talk less)

36. Get a professional headshot for my website

37. Create a new photography & writing course

38. Write for Flow Magazine

39. Grow my newsletter

40. Stay in my lane (e.g., stop worrying about things that are outside my sphere of control)

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