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On Rest and Recovery


I avoided the flu all winter, and last week it caught up with me. The good news is that I'm finally feeling better. Yesterday was a good day. I ate very well, felt less foggy, and felt more like myself. Today, I feel even better. I woke up with a little more energy and the motivation to get back to work. Also, after barely eating for seven days, I'm looking forward to eating all of the food in my refrigerator and gaining back the six pounds I lost.

A few lessons emerged from my experience with the flu.

1. I'm getting better at setting work boundaries. I canceled all my meetings and didn't work while I was sick. This is a huge victory for me. In the past, I would have tried to push through my illness. As I get older, I've realized it's better to rest and recover, rather than push, push, and push because resting helps me recover faster.

2. And speaking of pushing, I didn't go to the gym while I was ill, and I probably won't start CrossFitting until next week. I miss training, but I'm not willing to push my body too hard or fast (especially after being so ill). First, I need to start eating real food so I have the energy to work out. Also, over the next few days, I'm going to take a short walks and bike rides and gauge how my body feels. With luck, I'll be ready to CrossFit next week (maybe sooner). I miss my coaches and gym buddies!

3. Writing gratitude lists is part of my daily life and focusing on gratitude is even more important when I’m ill. If I have too much time to think, my mind focuses on negative stories. Focusing on gratitude counteracts negativity. For example, I’m grateful for Logan, my sweet cats, and my doctor. They did a great job of taking care of me over the last eight days.

In other news:

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