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Sparse Election Notes + 5 Inspiring Images for You to Download

The recent U.S. presidential election left me feeling wrung out, scared, anxious, and sad. On the other hand, I feel hopeful for our global community because I believe that most people are good. In addition, there are incredible and compassionate leaders—like The Dalai Lama—who are working toward peace, understanding, empathy, and kindness.

My feelings of hope, sadness, anger, and uncertainty are a strange mix. Since the election was called, I’ve been on the lookout for extra doses of inspiration. Over the last week, encouragement and inspiration came in the form of long telephone chats with friends, journaling, writing thank-you notes, and through my photography practice.

For example, I looked through my Florida photos and found five images to pair with inspiring quotes. I use these photographs on my desktop and iPhone to spur me forward, especially when I’m feeling sad. Today, I decided to share my images with you.

Feel free to use the snapshots on your desktop, blog, or share them on social media. And last but not least, I hope the photographs and quotes remind you to move through the world with empathy and kindness.

Wishing y’all peace and love.


Download links:

1. The Dalai Lama 2. Anne Lamott 3. Eleanor Roosevelt 4. David Cain 5. Aesop

The quotes above were sourced from the following websites and articles:

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