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Florida Bound and More


{This week: Florida fun, Aeronaut 30, photography, and more.}

Hi all,

Below are 10 happy links that inspired me this week. I hope you enjoy them, too!

1. By the time my Happy Links arrive in your inbox or feed reader, I'll be in Florida. We planned a trip to Florida to visit our cousin Aubrey, her folks, and additional family members. It’s been over 8 months since Aubrey’s accident, and she’s relearning almost everything (walking, typing, etc). Our Florida trip is going to be a blast! I’ll share photos and an essay about our trip soon. In the meantime, you can see photos of our Florida adventures on Instagram or Facebook.

2. And speaking of traveling, I finally upgraded my travel bag. Based on recommendations from my Instagram and Facebook friends, I bought the Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30. I’m planning on using this bag for the next thirty years, so it was worth the investment.

3. This is a cool project: "BryPix makes and sells selected original pictures to fund microloans, empowering women in developing countries to grow small businesses which support themselves and their families."

4. So good: It wasn’t for me.

5. Alexandra Franzen on changing with grace and how to be more intentional with your time.

6. The Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards are a fantastic resource.

7. Loved this essay: 3 Lessons from an 18-day solo mission in the Sierra-Nevada.

8. Wise words via Melissa Hartwig: “Negative self-talk is one of the fastest way of destroying self-esteem, sabotaging your goals, and upsetting your mind and emotions. ‘Fat-talk’ (speaking disapprovingly about your body) can lead to body dysmorphia, disordered eating habits, and low self-esteem…The words you choose to describe your food and yourself have real power.”

9. Paul Jarvis's article—On simplifying: pizza & complications—made me reconsider what business projects I’m going to work on as 2016 winds down and as 2017 begins.

10. Courtney Carver told me about Calm.com. Calm is "a simple mindfulness meditation app that brings clarity and peace of mind into your life."

Thanks for reading!

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