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Library Love

{This week: Libraries, Blank Page, Internet freedom, and more.}

Hi all,

Below are 10 happy links that inspired me this week. I hope you enjoy them, too!

1. On Tuesday, the smoke in Yreka felt suffocating, so I hitched a ride with Logan to the College of Siskiyous (COS) and worked at a picnic table and in their cute little library. If you’re traveling through Siskiyou County, visit COS. The campus is peaceful and pretty.

2. Start your own little free library.

3. I’m going to try this service—Blank Page.

4. An important piece by Jessa Crispin: Bookslut was born in an era of internet freedom. Today's web has killed it.

5. Logan sent me a cute new series—Simon's Cat Logic. I loved it! Watch the clips on Simon’s YouTube channel.

6. I need to buy a few of these books: The 16 Best Books About Writing.

7. This week, I’m rereading The Wander Society by Keri Smith.

8. On Traveling Alone.

9. I couldn’t escape this time.

10. For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing photos and quotes on my Facebook page. It’s a fun and creative way to share my photo archive. If you’re looking for a photo inspiration, follow me on Facebook.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoy my weekly happy links roundup and want to support it, buy a book or share this post with a friend.

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