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Age Is Just A Number


{This week: San Francisco, Age is Just a Number, loneliness, and more.}

Hi all,

I feel incredibly grateful because I spent part of the week in San Francisco. The trip was a mix of business and pleasure, and it was filled a crazy amount of walking, delightful food, and engaging conversations.

Next week, I’ll share highlights from the trip along with a photo roundup. Until then, below are 10 happy links that I thought were worth sharing this week. I hope you enjoy them!

1. Age is Just a Number by Dara Torres is an inspiring memoir. I especially loved her comments about masters swimming.

2. This was a helpful essay: How to beat loneliness.

3. A fascinating essay about 4-H: Head, heart, hands, and hustle.

4. Offline is the new luxury (Part 4).

5. Sound advice via Melissa Hartwig: Unfollow Friday (Even if it means unfollowing me).

6. A fantastic interview with Instagram founders Kevin Systrom & Mike Krueger.

7. Forgive me for indulging in my confirmation bias: 10 Scientific Benefits of Being a Cat Owner.

8. A touching essay by Dee Williams: What I’ve Come to Know from Tiny House Living.

9. This post is full of goodness: 101 small ways you can improve your city.

10. So good & real: Life After the PCT—Readjusting to the Real World.

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On Catching a Ride to San Francisco

On Catching a Ride to San Francisco

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