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The Tiny Wardrobe Tour

{This week: The Tiny Wardrobe Tour, memoirs about addiction, Hello Sunday Morning, reading for fun, and more.}

Below are 10 happy links that inspired me this week. I hope you enjoy them, too!

1. At the end of August, I’m joining my friend Courtney Carver on The Tiny Wardrobe Tour. We’ll be in Portland on August 23rd and in Seattle on August 25th, 2016. I hope you’ll join us in Portland or Seattle! Buy your tickets here.

2. Last week, I talked about an informative read—Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Woman and Alcohol by Ann Dowsett Johnston. Johnston’s book led me to Hello Sunday Morning (a helpful site that’s dedicated to reducing binge drinking and alcoholism) and another book about alcoholism called Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp. Knapp’s memoir is honest and brave. Alcoholism runs in my family, and it’s been helpful to learn about this topic.

3. After so much heavy reading, I dove into the Standard Deviation of Death (Book 4 in The Outlier Prophecies) by Tina Gower. Once again, Tina’s got me hooked on the storyline. Buy Tina’s book here, or ask your local library to order the series.

4. I’m also reading Swimming Studies by Leanne Shapton, the latest edition of Flow Magazine, and Flow Sketchbook.

5. Amanda’s latest post—My Truth about Life on the Road—was refreshing and honest. I felt similarly after we decided to turn our tiny house into a vacation cabin.

6. So good: Remembering we are ALL the same.

7. Great tips via Courtney: 7 Simple Ways to Get Back on Track.

8. Find a New City by Austin Kleon is a thoughtful essay about making the most of where you live now, creating art, keeping your overhead low, and staying out of debt.

9. A fun video: Kayak camping with Kalen Thorien.

10. Yes to this: How to support an artist you love.

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