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Why I'm Taking a Vacation (Plus Happy Links)

Why I'm Taking a Vacation (Plus Happy Links)

{This week: Reading deprivation, summer vacation, yearlong sabbaticals, making art, and more.}

Hi all,

Last week, reading wasn't a big part of my life because I did the reading deprivation assignment in The Artist’s Way. It was a HARD assignment because I love to read and I usually read a few books every week.

The first few days of the reading detox were the hardest, but I slowly adapted to reading less and focused my energy on other activities. For example when I had free time during my workdays, I experimented with our slow cooker and made delicious meals. In the evenings, I talked with Logan, swam, listened to music, and wrote letters to friends.

Honestly, I did a little bit of reading last week. I read Instagram captions, a few online articles, and emails. If Cameron was grading me on the assignment, she’d probably give me a C.

Overall, I’m glad I did the reading detox because it opened up TIME in my schedule for personal journaling, household projects, exercise, and more. In addition, I thought about what's next for my business, how I want to spend the rest of summer, and I decided to take a summer vacation in July.

Taking a break from my business is perfect timing because Logan is taking a few days off from work at the beginning of July, too. We’re going to swim in Lake Siskiyou, hike, hang out with friends, and celebrate 13 years of marriage on July 12th.

During my vacation, I won’t be blogging, checking email, working on book/course ideas, or thinking about my profit and loss statements. I will take my daily photo and share it online because that’s a form of play for me. You can follow My Morning View photography series on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

See you all in mid-July! Until then, below are 10 happy links that inspired me this week. Happy reading.

1. If you’re feeling unfocused or frazzled, try a media deprivation experiment.

2. So good: On yearlong sabbaticals and real jobs.

3. FUN: Lynda Barry at NASA.

4. I enjoyed listening to Lynda Barry on Bullseye.

5. I love this slow cooker recipe.

6. Yes to this: Just one book.

7. After reading this essay, I want to visit Chattanooga.

8. If you're self-employed, read: Don’t quit and become a business coach.

9. A sweet essay by Austin Kleon—What did you make today, papa?

10. I’m loving The Yoga of Max's Discontent by Karan Bajaj.

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