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SimpLife: A Documentary


{This week: Minimalist films, a simple kitchen, fountain pens, food, and more.}

Hi all,

Below are 10 happy links that inspired me this week. I hope you enjoy them, too!

1. On Monday, Logan and I spent the morning at the tiny house with Ben from SimpLife. Last week, Ben flew in from Japan to interview tiny house owners because he’s making a documentary about the meaning of home. We’re honored to be included! Learn more about the film here.

2. And speaking of films, The Minimalists new documentary will be in theaters on May 24, 2016. Joshua sent me a screener to watch, and I really enjoyed the film. I’m honored that they included part of my story in the documentary. You can pre-order the film here.

3. Courtney and I have similar kitchen organizing philosophies: 10 Easy Ways to Simplify the Kitchen.

4. Last year, Logan bought me a Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen for my birthday, and I love it. It's wonderful to write with, and I'm wasting less plastic (which is a nice bonus). I decided to purchase a second fountain pen because I dropped the Pilot and slightly bent the nib. I can still write with it, but I figured an alternative pen would be nice to have on hand. Recently, I bought a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen and it's awesome because it writes so smoothly! Also, the Lamy Pen has interchangeable nibs. It's a great feature because I can still use the pen if I break a nib.

5. The latest edition of Tiny House Magazine is out!

6. So good: Goodbye, Selfish.

7. The folks at Love & Olive Oil turned me onto their warm gnocchi and heirloom tomato salad. It’s a simple dish to make, and it's delicious.

8. My sister-in-law released The Werewolf Coefficient; the third book in the Outlier Prophecies series. I’m excited to step away from my non-fiction reads to read Tina’s book. It’s time to dive into an alternate universe.

9. Fantastic advice from The Sugars: When Politics Is Personal.

10. Cristina Colli is offering a new online course! It’s about visual storytelling and photography. I’m thinking about enrolling. Details here.

Thanks for reading!

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