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Why I Bought a Standing Desk


Logan wins the husband of the year award for assembling my new IKEA desk and for convincing me to buy one. In the photo above, you can see my cute desk and the structure on top of it. It's called The Ready Desk.

The Ready Desk is portable, foldable, and I was able to adjust the desk based on my height. I love the portability of The Ready Desk. Plus, it’s light enough for me to remove from my IKEA desk, which enables me to sit at my desk to write, draw, or edit photos.

I resisted purchasing the IKEA desk and The Ready Desk because I prefer spending my extra money on good food, coffee, writing supplies, and travel. However, Logan argued that investing in a good standing desk was crucial for my health and productivity. Also, he pointed out that it’s a tool I use everyday. Logan was right. My prior set-up wasn't working because the ergonomics were horrible. My new set-up is comfortable, inspiring, and it’s been great for my back. Standing more often forces me to focus on good posture, and I’m much more alert in the afternoons while I work.

In addition, my new desks didn't cost a small fortune. The IKEA desk cost $144.97 and The Ready Desk cost $179.99. I spent a grand total of $324.96 on my new set-up.

As a bonus, The Ready Desk is made in San Diego and it's "built by buddies.” Also, I was delighted with their customer service. One of The Ready Desk shelves arrived with a small crack, so I emailed customer support and they sent me a new shelf free of charge.

There are lots of regular desks and standing desks to choose from online and in stores. I opted to order both my desks online because it was easier for me. Plus, Logan and I have had great experiences with IKEA and I really like the philosophy behind The Ready Desk.

If you’re in the market for a new desk, I’d encourage you to consider:

  • Your needs and wants
  • The durability of the desk you choose to buy
  • Your budget
  • The space that’s available for your desk in your house

The guidelines I mentioned above helped me choose a desk that works for my current circumstance.

What kind of desk do you work at every day? I’d love to hear from you!

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