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The Sleep Revolution

{This week: The Sleep Revolution, poetry, swimming in Iceland, and more.}

Hi all,

Below are 10 happy links that sparked my interest this week. I hope you like them, too! Enjoy!

1. Jonathan Fields interviewed Arianna Huffington about her latest book, The Sleep Revolution. Listening to Huffington describe the latest research about sleep fascinated me. Also, it was interesting to learn about Huffington's nighttime rituals. I'm going to steal some of her ideas!

2. David Whyte on the conversational nature of reality.

3. "Sweet darkness" is a beautiful poem. I adore the last few lines:

"Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you."

4. YES to this: Iceland’s Water Cure: Can the secret to the country’s happiness be found in its communal pools?

5. When I Almost Died is a powerful podcast.

6. "In a society that holds productivity as unequivocally good, to do less feels like a moral failing."

7. Susie Cagle’s interview on the Longform Podcast was awesome. Her remarks about freelancing and self-employment resonated with me:

“There have been many times over the last couple of years even, as things are taking off in my career, things are going well, I’m writing about wonderful things that are interesting to me, and I still wonder—should I be doing this? What the hell is next year gonna look like?”

Over the last few years, I’ve asked myself the same questions.

8. I loved listening to Ellen Langer's take on mindfulness and mindlessness. Also, Langer’s idea of noticing five new things each day about the person you live with was so good!

9. Happily addicted to the Internet (via Susannah).

10. I'm readingThe Sleep Revolution, Becoming Wise, and The Wander Society.

On Public Speaking, Real Life Connections & Traveling Lightly

On Public Speaking, Real Life Connections & Traveling Lightly

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