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Flying Through the Sky


{This week: York College, Becoming Wise, Maker Monthly, and more.}

Hi all,

Tomorrow—April 15—marks the first day of a traveling adventure! I’m flying to New York City to spend time with family, and then I’ll travel to Pennsylvania to speak at York College on April 21st. I’ll be giving a presentation about why we decided to live small and simply.

If you can attend my talk, I’d love to see you! Below are the event details:

When Thursday, April 21, 2016

Where York College Weinstock Lecture Hall The event is open to students and the community.

Time 7:00–8:00 p.m.

If you have questions about the York College event, please contact: David Fyfe dfyfe@ycp.edu

With that, below are 10 happy links that I thought were worth listening to or reading. Enjoy!

1. I love Krista Tippett’s work and was delighted to hear her interview on The Good Life Project. I also bought her new book—Becoming Wise—and can’t wait to read it on the plane.

2. Super helpful: Dairy-Free Barista Tips.

3. I signed up for Maker Monthly! I'm excited to receive my first box of notebooks and creative supplies.

4. So good: Seven Years Without Alcohol.

5. I love Jess Lively’s podcast. Her recent interview with Mariana López González is one of the best interviews I’ve heard on the show. Mariana’s perspective on life, love, courage, and gratitude is powerful. I highly recommend listening to the interview.

6. A tender and touching post: Dear Younger Me.

7. Meghan has been sharing a series of personal and honest essays about her reconstructive surgery. I love Meghan’s writing. Be sure to check out her blog.

8. A beautiful essay by Brené Brown: The Prime of Our Lives is NOT About Finding All the Answers.

9. If you're looking for good novels to read, check out Tina Gower's new books. I read The Outlier PropheciesBook One and Two and enjoyed both. Tina’s books helped me get out of my head and into another world.

10. Lynne Cox’s books—Swimming to Antarctica and Grayson—capture the essence and adventure of swimming. Her writing is lyrical and beautiful. I adored both of her books, and I’ll probably purchase her open water swimming manual because I’m training for an open water swim this summer.

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Have a great weekend,


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