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Deep Work


{Every week, I share a roundup of 10 happy links that I think are worth reading, listening to, or scrolling through. I hope you like them, too!}

1. Cal Newport sent me a free copy of his new book, Deep Work. I'm grateful because I love Cal's writing, and his book was incredibly helpful. I'll share more thoughts about the book in my monthly book round up. Stay tuned!

2. So good: My Complete {Illustrated} Guide to Bullet Journaling.

3. Sarah’s Scribbles are awesome! I liked this comic—How I Spend My Money—because it describes my spending patterns.

4. This photo made me smile.

5. Good to know: Don’t Mistake Adult Coloring Books for Art Therapy.

6. During February, Austin Kleon is posted a page each day from The Steal Like An Artist Journal. Check out his photos on Instagram and the #stealjournal hashtag. It’s fun to see what other folks are doing with the journal. I’m tempted to buy one.

7. Esmé Weijun Wang’s essay—Toward the Pathology of the Possessed—took me roughly 20 minutes to read and it was incredible. It's an important piece about schizophrenia and public policy.

8. Helpful tips: Getting back to the gym after being sick.

9. I loved Jamie Varon's essay—To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind.

10. Should you track your hours or milestones?

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