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Breaking Open


{Every week, I share a roundup of 10 happy links that I think are worth reading, listening to, or scrolling through. I hope you like them, too!}

1. Patti Digh’s essay—When you break open, it happens by surprise—was moving.

2. Marie Kondo’s tips on decluttering your mind are brilliant.

3. On yoga, love, addiction and grace.

4. I enjoyed reading Holly Clark's latest essay: The path of least resistance.

5. Yes to this: "Traveling for any period of time, whether it be three weeks or three years, only makes us better people living richer, more phenomenal lives."

6. On rethinking death: "It's hard to accept that everyone eventually dies. How can we better understand death as a part of life? In this episode, TED speakers contemplate the end of life with wisdom and humor."

7. Snowshoe Magazine offered helpful snowshoeing tips for first timers.

8. Great tips via Courtney: How to Live the Paperless Life.

9. I've been drinking Numi Chocolate Rooibos Tea. If you’re a tea lover, try this blend. It’s delicious!

10. Amy's photos are beautiful! Check out her photo gallery.

Bonus links ...

11. How to draw a cat face in pencil.

12. So good: The Year of Deliberate Un-Planning.

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