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The 2016 Desire Map Day Planner: A Review


In 2014, my friend Courtney gifted me the first edition of the Desire Map Day Planner by Danielle LaPorte. For the uninitiated, the Desire Map Day Planner "incorporates your soul and your to-do list; your gratitude and your goals; your deepest desires with your day-to-day."

Since 2014, I've been hooked on the planner line because it helps me keep track of small and large intentions in my personal and professional life. For example, I wanted to feel grateful throughout 2015, and I did a pretty good job of cultivating that feeling in my everyday life. About halfway through the year, I also wanted to feel a little more adventurous. Focusing on those feelings culminated in fun day trips, a change in my mindset, more creative ideas, and my 2016 wall calendar and planner.

If I hadn’t paid attention to how I wanted to feel throughout the year, some of my day trips and my new product line wouldn’t have occurred. I owe big thanks to Danielle for creating The Desire Map book and planner because both have been helped me take better care of myself and accomplish professional goals.

And speaking of the planner, I bought the 2016 daily edition a few months ago, and it arrived before Christmas! Also, the lovely folks from Team D sent me a few planner samples to review. Danielle and her team have done a lovely job with the 2016 Desire Map Planner line. They are offering a daily edition, a weekly edition, and beautiful journals.

Here's what I love about the daily edition:

  • The large size gives me room to dream and scheme.

  • The soul and gratitude prompts will compliment my writing ideas and my focus on gratitude.

  • The scheduling feature is perfect to outline how I want to spend my days.

There are only a couple drawbacks to the daily edition, including:

  • The paper quality is glossy and will withstand heavy use, and that's fantastic. However, I have to wait for the ink to dry on the pages or it will smear.

  • I can't see myself taking the daily edition everywhere because it's heavy. That's okay because I knew that would be an issue when I purchased the planner. My intent isn't to carry it everywhere. Instead, I’ll use the planner every morning and leave it at home. I'll use my Everyday Adventures Planner as a daily carry to remind me of essential appointments and to log my everyday adventures.

Overall, I’m incredibly impressed with Danielle’s new line of planners.

They are beautiful, functional, and incredibly helpful. If you need a planner, check out Danielle's planner line here.

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