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A Photo Essay: Castle Lake, CA

A Photo Essay: Castle Lake, CA

A few weeks ago, I went on a solo adventure to take photographs of Castle Lake in Northern California. I found a trail that led me to a lookout above Castle Lake, and the views were incredible! Since this was a solo trip, I didn't venture very far into the woods. I also have to visit Heart Lake before winter arrives. I've been told Heart Lake sits above Castle Lake, and that the views are rad.

The fall colors were popping at Castle Lake, the water was like glass, and taking photos with my new iPhone 6s Plus was awesome! The camera is fast, and I think the image quality is better than my last model. I rarely use my Nikon D5000 (my big camera) because my camera of choice is my iPhone.

I've been thinking of selling my Nikon or giving it to a family member; however, friends have encouraged me not to sell it. They say it’s a good camera, and I might want to use it again. It is a nice camera to have on hand, but I hate to see it collecting dust. Before I sell or give away my Nikon, I want to try using it again.

I’ll let you know what I decide to do with my big camera. In the meantime, enjoy my iPhone 6s Plus photos. Wishing you an adventure-filled week!


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