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On Creative Organization

{Every week, I share a roundup of happy links because these resources have inspired me to make positive changes in my life. I hope they motivate and inspire you, too! Enjoy.}

My friend Susannah Conway created an online course called The Inside Story. I was gifted a seat in the class, and I can’t wait to get started! I’ve taken all of Susannah’s courses, and they are helpful, inspiring, and thoughtful. Her books are lovely, too.

And speaking of online courses, I’m contributing to A Simple Year: Twelve Months of Guided Simplicity again! I hope you'll join us for the class!

I had so much fun capturing this scene.

So good: 3 Ways to Say Goodbye to Busyness.

On Legacy is a touching video about the power of memories and writing.

Pam’s essay about the loss of her mother-in-law is touching.

This was a cool interview: Why a pro photographer shoots on an iPhone.

I loved Jonathan Fields’s interview with Sherry Turkle. It’s about how phones are changing the way we communicate. I can't wait to read Turkle's new book, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age.

I need this t-shirt.

Creative organization at its best.

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A Photo Essay: Castle Lake, CA

A Photo Essay: Castle Lake, CA

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