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How I Stay Inspired

It's been smoky for the past week because of wildfires in Southern Oregon and Northern California. I hope the fires dissipate soon because the smoky air is a downer.

To stay inspired I've been:

I was curious how other folks stay inspired when the weather is gloomy, so I asked my Facebook and Instagram friends for tips. Below are some of my favorite responses.

"Gloomy" weather is part and parcel of living in northern New England like I do, but our weather here is also beautiful if you look beyond a preconceived notion of what "nice" weather is. —Mikel O'Brien

Make tea, read, go for a swim, a walk, if it's autumn, make a big pot of soup, bake something, or take a cue from Nature to take it easy for awhile. —Julia Nadon

I use the "gloomy" weather to my advantage. Every emotion deserves the chance to be expressed creatively, even negative ones. Personally, I enjoy days when the sky is overcast, so I'll photograph it or create something to symbolize the sheltered feeling it gives. —Mishaela Moore

I keep a folder on my laptop of photos I really like, most of them are cat photos or inspirational quotes, DIY projects I've been wanting to do, etc. I have a couple of your photos in there, I think! —Jill Koko

Sorry to hear of the fires; that does sound unpleasant. We had a very rainy July here, which meant a lot of time indoors. I used the time to paint, read, journal and got into the habit of freshly made popcorn, cocoa, and a film on Sunday nights, which was super cosy. —@Kate

We have extreme heat, so it is difficult to do much outside. I try to treat myself to things I don't usually get to enjoy, like family movie day. —@Suzie

I activate the mobile air conditioner in the bedroom, eat light food, and watch all episodes of Elementary in bed. —@Andrea

Reading the comments above made me happy because they are encouraging and motivating. How do you stay inspired when the weather is gloomy? Share your tips in the comments section.

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