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Happy Links: From Work to the Woods


{Every Friday, I share a round-up of happy links because these resources have inspired me to make positive changes in my life. I hope they motivate and inspire you, too! Enjoy.}

Wise words via Paul Jarvis: "The surefire way to turn a profit when you work for yourself."

Inspiring podcasts: "Radical Authenticity" and “How to get the most out of your fringe hours.

Final Straw looks like a good film.

Fight Overwhelm with a Mind Map of Your Month” was so helpful! I did the exercise and put the mindmap in my Desire Map Day Planner.

I loved this piece: "The Small Happy Life.”

The Road to Character is a beautiful website! I can’t wait to explore more of it.

I’m reading A Walk in the Woodsby Bill Bryson. Logan told me about the book, and so far it’s fantastic. I’m halfway through the book, and I love Bryson’s stories, rants, and the tidbits of history and plant talk that he includes in the book.

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A Photo Essay: Deadfall Lakes