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On Unplugging from Work & Embracing Adventure

On Unplugging from Work & Embracing Adventure

Last week didn’t unfold like I expected. Rather than getting annoyed, I focused on being grateful for my flexible schedule. Going with the flow made my week so much better!

Some of the week’s highlights include:

  • I met a friend for coffee and breakfast at Ellie’s Espresso & Bakery in Weed, CA. They have delicious pastries and breakfast sandwiches. If you are traveling through Northern California, stop at this little bakery.
  • I wandered around the College of the Siskiyous (COS) while Logan was teaching a class. The COS campus is gorgeous. I did a little bit of work on bench under a giant pine tree with views of snow-capped mountains.
  • My father-in-law had a doctor’s appointment in Chico, CA, and I drove him down to Chico and back home. It was an unexpected six-hour driving adventure. Along the way, we had lunch with my sister-in-law and met my mom at Starbucks in Red Bluff, CA.

The best part of my week included weekend adventuring. Logan’s cousin Aubrey drove up from San Francisco to visit us. We had a blast hanging out with my in-laws and listening to my father-in-law’s stories. He is hilarious (be sure to check out his cowboy poetry).

Also, we took a day trip to Kangaroo Lake. Kangaroo Lake is a high mountain lake in the Klamath National Forest. The lake is about one hour from the tiny house going southwest. The scenes at the lake—and beyond—are incredible.

The day was perfect for a long hike. The sky was blue and there was a light breeze that kept us cool. We took Fen trail to the Kangaroo Lake Overview and kept walking up. The elevation was roughly 6,000 feet, and we tromped through snow on the trail.

After lunch, we kept walking until we hit the Pacific Crest Trail. We continued walking past Robbers Meadow and decided to turn around before we reached Bull Lake. Along the trail, we saw all kinds of sights including tiny purple flowers, dozens of reddish succulents, streams, meadows, tiny white flowers that looked like miniature daisies, and we spotted a few bald eagles, too!

Parting words … 

I didn’t get much work done last week and spent a lot of time unplugged from the Internet. It was a much needed creativity reboot, and it reaffirmed how I want to spend my time as spring ends and summer begins. I want to go on more day hikes, bike rides, and explore Siskiyou County. There is so much to see and so many snapshots I want to take!

Enjoy the snapshots!

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